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Well these are most my decks I own. Some of these you guys have already seen but here they are together. I love most and hate some but none the less they are mine. 1st pic old deck from the mid 50s, Love it, most a show piece. 2nd 2013 LandYachtz Switchblade 38, I dont like this deck. I had a 2012 liked it a lot it was just to long for me so I figured Id grab a shorter 2013 but LY took away so much concave. 3rd 2013 Bustin Modela, I enjoy it. Wish I would of gotten it smaller but still enjoy it. 4th pic 2014 Bustin Mission, love the deck. Only thing wish it had bigger kicks on her. 5th is my baby 2011 I think LandYachtz Grom Race, its my bomber and I love going fast. Pic 6 is my Koastal Wave Dancer, simply put its my big board. Many chill rides on that 14 ply beast have been taken. 7th pic my short deck. I hate it but hey everyone needs one to work out tricks. Then 8th pic is my favorite deck ever! 2012 Bustin Meastro. It is my everything deck, seriously I do it all on there. Dance, Tech slide, bit of Dh, freeride, and freestyle its there for me. So them are most my decks, as far as me... well Im a very artistic person living just north of Detroit MI. Names Steve, most of ya on here seem pretty alright. O been skating collectively for about 5 years, an if Im not skating Im probably at a local coffee house gettin some roast!
@LukasDeCavitch Im hopefully getting myself a 2013 Sojourn here in the next month. Then I'll be getting a 2015 Meastro when they drop.
Bustin is life
those boards look amazing!!! glad ur here!! (:
Central utah
Where are you located @IsaacPaulR?
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