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I read this article over at Mashable that really peaked my interest. You don't hear about Latino entrepreneurs very often when it comes to Silicon Valley. In fact, as the article stated, less than 1% of venture-backed startups have a Latino co-founder. How crazy is that! This article shares the story of three Latinos in Silicon Valley: Alex Murillo, Edward Avila, and Alejandro Quintero. Alex Murillo is the founder of Audive, a mobile app that he is developing to allow users to collaborate with each other to create song covers. He just launched his startup this past summer with the help of the Manos Accelerator, an incubator hoping to help Latinos launch their startups. Murillo is Mexican and came to America to pitch his startup idea, saying it is every entrepreneur's dream to go to silicon valley. Edward Avila is the CEO and co-founder of Manos Accelerator. He shares the struggle that Latinos face in Silicon Valley: "If you're a Latino who didn't go to Stanford University or the Ivy League schools, it's a challenge. And Latinos don't typically have wealthy friends and family to get them started." His hope and dream is to help Latinos achieve their dreams of being entrepreneurs. They named their group "Manos" to represent hands and spread the message that Latinos can do more than manual labor. Google has shown support and partnered with them by providing mentors and resources. Alejandro Quintero is a Latino engineer hat worked for years in Silicon Valley in companies such as Cisco and Logitech. He decided to launch his own company called Cuestioname, a social platform that allows users to ask questions to government officials and leaders. He also connected with Manos to launch his idea. I feel so inspired that Manos Accelerator exists. I hope that their connections keep to deepen and that they are able to connect Latinos with the resources they need to launch their businesses. Although it is so upsetting to know that there are few Latinos in the tech industry, it is great to know that a group like Manos exists. This brings so much hope!