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yes, here it is ... the still photos for I MISS YOU.. featuring the child counterpart of Park Yoochun And Yoon eun hae.. this follows Arang... our beloved yeo jin goo and kim so hyun from the moon that embraces the sun...i'm so excited!! love yeo gin goo's expression in that last pic..
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ohh..so this was the mv relinashinee was talking about..will check it out..khumao unni
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yes.. she was the first who commented.. it was really interesting coz seo in guk was the lead actor there...you really should watch it, as in now...hahahah
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just saw it..loling
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it was a great mv..and love seo in guk's acting there.. and i truly loved the ending, unexpected but sadly cute!!
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i still see "Moon that embraces sun" in these two >_<
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