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Just found this really awesome infographic...I just wish it truly were easy to become a data scientist! Like anything in life, it requires much work. 1. Get good at stats, math, and machine learning Try the math track over at Khan Academy and the Linear Algebra course by MIT OpenCourseware. For stats, look into the Intro to Statistics course at Udacity and OpenIntro Statistics. Machine learning, look into resources at Stanford Online by Andrew NG as well as Practical Machine Learning by John Hopkins over at Coursera. 2. Learn to code Learn Computer Science Fundamentals, grasp end-to-end development, and choose a first language (R, Python, SAS, SPSS, etc) 3. Understand databases As a data scientist student, you will work with text files, but in industry you will need to understand databases (MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc) 4. Master data munging, visualization and reporting Data munging is the process of converting one "raw" form into another format for more convenient. Look into Getting and Cleaning Data by John Hopkins over at Coursera. For data visualization, look into ggvis and Vega. For reporting, learn tools such as Tableau software, Spotfire, and R Markdown. 5. Level up with Big Data When you start operating with data at the scale of web, the fundamental approach and process of analysis much change. Most data scientists are working on problems that can be run on single machines. They have large data sets that require distributed processing. Look into tools such as Hadoop, MapReduce, and Apache Spark. 6. Get experience, practice, and meet fellow data scientists Join competitions on Kaggle, meet fellow data scientists on Meetup, and have a "pet" project. 7. Get an internship, go to a bootcamp, or get a job 8. Follow and engage with the community online source:
@TechAtHeart I passed statistics fine, but that was in high school. I'm not sure I could do it now!!
Somehow, this really makes it all seem doable. I'm not sure I can get past the statistics step, though. If I do, I think the rest can be done! Cool~
@hikaymm, Statistics can be pretty intimidating, but it's not too bad :-)