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Yesterday I went on face and scrolled down my newsfeed to find out that the page Longboard Freeride had shared the content of the 3d printed board I shared on here. Only unlike on here there were a lot of negative opinions which bummed me out and the grammar on Facebook as always was atrocious but I figured out the majority of them were skaters. Can we all say that a slight majority of skaters are really rude and sometimes lower on the intelligence scale. It really bothered me that there were so many people that didn't think it was as cool as we thought it was and that that skaters didn't look at it through the perspective of a longboarder. Also bothers me that people that are so much more on the skater side of the spectrum followed a longboarding page. Okay short rant over I still feel really accomplished!!
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Dude I'm in those comments!! BRUUH
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But I said I thought it looked like cake that's it man
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3 years ago·Reply
peoples souls may have been used to make that board. :) that's the only way it can be so awesome!
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Yeah I saw your comment @HunterHedgepath.
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