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...A beautiful song ...A great story ...Seo In Guk ...An unexpected ending.... :D :D :D ...Sure you'll like it! Enjoy!
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thankyou :)
you are very welcome! Usually, you should do things like this: read first, watch (movie) second....It will help you to figure in your mind characters and action....If you do the other way round you'll find the book without no salt and pepper.... In this case, the book is much easier than the movie....but actors are...well, I let you to discover that... take care!
thanks bix2anca..i usually go the same way round unless i cannot buy/download the book at all...and mostly if i love the books..i do not watch the movie because most of the time they dont do justice
excellent song! it should be great if seo in guk will give it a try...
like this a lot....