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Ep.9 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50174 Ep.9 with eng sub http://www.vingle.net/posts/50390 Ep 10 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50319 Ep 10 with eng subhttp://www.vingle.net/posts/50562 Ep 11 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50515 Ep 12 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52076 Ep 13 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52539 Ep 14 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/54877 Ep 15 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/55536 Ep 16 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/57652 Ep 17 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/58231 Ep 18 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/60319 AR decided to go to HR and prepared farewell with EO. EO knew it and ran to stop her. Let's see what happens today! A ghost comes and tells EO where AR is. EO finds JW is chasing her. HR says "Welcome. Did you decide ur mind? I won't force you." AR says "If I let my body, promise you will give HR(EO's mom) back to EO. And I have a question. If u come into me, I can't see him anymore?" HR says "U can't. The power of love is great. Now close your eyes and think of only one thing that you want." But JW cries and stops her. "AR, you must not listen to her. Even if you do that, EO won't get her mom back." HR gets angry. "Don't believe him. If you believe him, leave now. But u have to know that EO can't get her mom back never ever." AR says "I will follow your saying." JW says "I will kill you, and I'm gonna die too." But at the moment he tries to do that, HR feels pain and loses her sense. EO wakes up AR, and cries "Why you do that? U wanna make me crazy? I told you this is not I want..!" She says "This was the only thing that I could do for you. Anyways, I have to leave and I can't see you anymore, but you need to get ur mom back.." Hugging her, EO says "I can handle it..! plz don't put urself in danger.." AR cries "I also don't wanna leave you..I don't wanna go.." SJ asks "MY, you wanna save Mu Yeon or kill her? U wanted to get her out from the reality, right? Those things tells that you still have human's feeling which you must not have as angel of death." HR is taking rest in JW's home, and JW's regretting of what he did in the past. In the middle of the night, MY comes to EO. "I told you that our purpose is same..!", MY says. But EO says "No, I don't think so. U wanna kill HR, but do not ever think to use AR for it. Let me ask u one thing. Can I save my mom?" MY answers "No you can't..wtv u do, u can't save her." Next morning, she goes to Lee Seo Lim's grave. She says "Even if it was hard for days here, I don't regret wat I found and exprienced. I love you, Seo Lim.." In the meanwhile, AR sees JW came. JW says "There was a idiot, and a lady loved him. He didn't know her heart, but she died to save him. And she revived, but he couldn't recognize her at all..Even if I saw you for first time, I felt heartbeat..I should have felt guilty instead of the feeling..I'm sorry, plz don't forgive me.." *Lee Seo Lim is the name when AR was human. As he came back from Seo Lim's grave, he sees HR is sitting. HR says "Mu Yeon went out from me for a while. But once she gets power again, she will come back. If I didn't want to revenge and let my body to her, this misfortune wouldn't happen..Would you tell EO I've never forgotten his face and feel sorry for treating him well as mom?" JW went to EO to tell him. "Ur mom got free from Mu Yeon..! She woke up. U have to go and see her!" EO says "How can I trust that? I will go and see her." EO see her lying. "How I know that you're my mom?" HR says "I'm so sorry for making situation like this. I shouldn't have told you go back to ur father..I shouldn't have told that when you came to me with the hairpin." Hearing that, EO's sure that she's his mom. EO cries "Why you made me so hard?" HR says "I wanted to protect you..I'm so sorry. Promise me when you can kill Mu Yeon, do it without caring me..Even if I have to die for it, kill her..!" EO and HR cries, hugging each other. After seeing her mom, EO says thx to JW. JW says "Do not give up AR." JW asks to servant "What are you gonna do?" He answers "I'm gonna leave soon..What are you gonna do? Are you gonna protect HR continually?" JW says "In the past, I felt so lonely without family..I shouldn't have done EO feels desperate cuz he can't find way to save his mom. "Can't u help me teacher..? Plz.." Then suddenly he wakes up in a room. Childern runs into him, saying "Father..!" Then AR comes in with meal. "When you go out to see your mom, buy me some peaches!", she says. EO goes to office and see DS. He says "BW will comeback with ur mom. There she comes..!" EO calls and hugs her mom. She says "EO, don't forget what ur teacher said..!" Then suddenly SJ appears. EO asks if he can't survive his mom. SJ says "Think what I told and gave you before. Even if it can't survive her, it can help ur mom. Think what she wants really." EO is thinking what SJ said before. AR asks what he's thinking. He says "In dream, I met SJ. He said I can't survive her but I can survive her soul. You told me there is way which can separate one's body and soul, right?" AR says "Yes, if there is thing the person adore most." EO decides to work with MY. He says "I'm gonna get Mu Yeon out from my mom. Then you have to kill her at that moment." Next morning, EO send Choi Lord to capital. He says "What do you think is different between animal and person? If you have crime, you will know how you have to live." Choi gets angry of the situation and blames his servant for the situation. His servant says "I just followed your order. I'm gonna tell what you did in front of King." Choi cries "Everyone listen..! I'm gonna come back and revenge what happened today!" People lose their patience and beat him. But he's still confident of what he did, and killed by his servant finally. EO goes to kill Mu Yeon with MY and stabs HR with hairpin. At the moment Mu Yeon gets separated from HR, she runaway from MY and goes towards to AR. AR cries "NO!!!!!" Preview of Ep.20) YR says "I think, AR can't solve the probelm at all." AR says to EO she wanna go hell for not forgetting him. And BW use a charm to EO and AR to help, but she finds out sth went wrong and wakes up EO.
thankyou njkim..love your recap..cya tomorrow..and do vote for arang!!
we really enjoyed your recap njkim... and thanks once a again for your unending effort... ^^
it's tragic. the fate play with them. hmm...
Guys, hope u enjoy :D
@ShinHaido yeah, it's sad:( When SL loved him, he didn't know it. Now he loves her, but now AR doesn't feel anything about himㅠㅜㅠㅜ
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