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Alright! I've still been looking for a board for my sister. It's a little hard to do because I want it to be a surprise. If I don't end up winning a board then I've narrowed it down to these two here. Arbor or Sector Nine. I like the arbor because it's a twin tip and I personally like this style board better. The Sector Nine is also cool because of its massive kick tail. Then again, she wants to do more cruising so... She's ridden my board and seems to like that so in trying to find something similar but not overly expensive since she is a newbie, she doesn't need all the bells and whistles.
Oh I've never heard the term twin tip before, but I assumed it meant symmetrical.
I'd say get her the Arbor but that's my opinion
@steezus as far as I can tell, it's a twin tip. Twin tip meaning it's symmetrical. If not it's pretty close to it.
What do you mean by "twin tip"?