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Hey, my name is Gage Brown. I live in sunny San Diego California, I am 16 almost 17 in February. The first picture is my first skateboard from Frozen Skateboard Company. And if you are like, who the hell is that, it is my mom's boyfriends company he made himself. And he is what got my into skating. The second one is my first longboard, no idea what brand, it has a Sector 9 sticker but it is a blank board and my dad bought it for me my freshman year. The second board is again a blank slate board, but given to me by Jeff, the guy that made Frozen, and I have yet to buy a setup for it, but I will. The fourth picture is a board Jeff's friend gave me because that is his company, but I am not into short boards that much. Then there is me. Hi, I hate taking pictures of myself. Then the last two pictures are of my current board. It's an old Krown board, given to me my sophomore year by my brother on his senior graduation, and I am a junior now. So no, I have never bought a boars, but I am planning on buying a Tessy for Christmas and really learn how to ride a longboard because I have only to school and back. But I want to learn. So once again, HI.
love those boards they look sick! noice to meet youu haha! (:
nice to meet you and get that tessy
I wish I had relative in the longboard industry haha, good to know about you man
Well it's a trick deck company like world industry or bird house or girl @Shulace.