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This board with 43° 180mm Paris v2s in gold, and the 82a Liam Morgans. Does it sound good for freeride or should I get a different deck?
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Dude! I'm having this debate as we speak! My fiance was either going to get me this or the Sugar Kick, but I've pressured her to get the DK. Unfortunately I've heard both are pretty heavy, so be ready for that! Youtube has tons on the Sugar, not so much on the DK/
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For me, I find that baseplates with 45ish degrees is perfect. I have a 45° base plate and it has that perfect balance of carving and stability.
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@steezster thanks a lot man :D
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You can still downhill on higher degree trucks, it's just a little harder depending on your style. The higher the degree, the more lean you have in corners
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