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Thankful we have long growing season here in Las Vegas, my rose bushes are still giving me beautiful blooms all the way to winter :)
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@ galinda, idk the name of that particular rose ... but i can tell you where i bought it from, Home Depot 4 years ago. Right now, its loaded with huge flowers, real heavy bloomer!
@carolinian87 did you have to find a specific kind that grows in Las Vegas heat or are roses pretty durable? I assumed that they were pretty hard flower to grow :)
thank you Sophiamor ... I love roses, every Spring, I plant at least 6 bushes, now I have about 160 in my yard, crazy addiction!
Love your roses @carolinian87. I think @galinda and I are stunned by the beauty of the third pic. We really are so lucky to live out west where garden roses thrive.
@carolinian87 Have you ever been to Descanso Garden in California? Your garden reminded me of the rose garden there. It's beautiful.