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Whose going to be watching their all times favs Kdramas back to back such as marriage not dating, my love from the starsan ect. and also the new ones such as birth of beauty (total amazing), pinocchio and ect. i know i am! who will also trying to catch up with their late college courses work cos they were too busy obsesing over k-dramas. Guiity again! Just to recommand all of you out their to check out this other amazing drama that got me totally wrapped around it's finger-rosy lovers...just abosulty amazing, has ever thing you would want to within a drama. Have great Xmas and happy new year to all of you out their!!! :) x
I am thinking of watching mary stayed out all night again cause its winter HAHAHA
u were reading my mind. i cant concentrate on homework. ugh! cant help myself, their so gud. especially Pinocchio and birth of a beauty.
Going to watch oh! my lady.