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Check link for how he made this contraption. This guy got really creative! I definitely like the idea! The only downside is that both materials can be expensive.
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Eh, I think it'll be like taking any noseguard off. It's not glued on or anything.
Not hating. Just thought it was a very complicated/expensive alternative to buying nose guards
I've worked with some of the materials on a surfboard, so it doesn't seem as hard, but I agree that it's expensive. Carbon and Kevlar are great materials, hence, the price tag (I.e., g-forms work similarly to Kevlar). They are not only very light, but they dampen vibration so I can see it not only acting as board protection but it could also enhance performance in that sense. This guy created a mold, and I probably would've taken a shorter route if I were to do this.
i like how it looks like it has a foot stop as well!
I want one