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these x Caliber. Great combo
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Heyeheuehehueheueueheheueheu @steezster
3 years ago·Reply
a wise man once said, "Im just here for the comments"
3 years ago·Reply
I'm just here for the comments.
3 years ago·Reply
how are the caliber 2's? I can't decide on those or Paris V2's :/
3 years ago·Reply
@treeluck i reallyyyy like them. On my Paris v2s I felt really stable, but then I got my cal 2s and not only do they feel stable but you can turn way better at higher speeds. if you're going for freeride though, the v2s have a much more responsive/sloppy almost turn, while the calibers are not sloppy at all, and have a smoother glidier turn.
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