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If you've seen Interstellar, this is the post for you! I've seen fellow Vinglers buzzing about this movie since it came out, and it inspired me to make a new collection where we can discuss movies we've already seen. I called it "Spoiler Alert," for fairly obvious reasons - this is not for those who haven't seen it - unless you don't mind potential spoilers (some people don't). I finally got to watch Interstellar last night. I was so worried that I would be disappointed, because I really got my hopes up this time. Everything in the trailers just looked so awesome. But guess what? I wasn't disappointed at all! It was so, so good. I know some might disagree (*ahem* @McDoogle), but I want to hear from you, too! Oh man, were there tears. Many, many tears. All the science fiction and space exploration were super awesome, of course, but for me the clincher was the extremely emotional capture of what it would be like to have to choose to leave your children and then to watch as they had lives and struggles and pain without you. In fact, because of you. I think Matthew McConaughey did a masterful job of portraying the father's struggle. And man, was Matt Damon sleazy. The worst! I'm not going to say more, because the point of this post is for us to discuss it in the comments. But here are some starting points: 1. Science-wise, were there any things you found distractingly unbelievable or hard to understand? I actually thought they did a great job pulling all those concepts together - and that's not ever a given with scifi that involves dimensions, wormholes, black holes, faster-than-light travel and other things we don't yet really understand. 2. What do you think about his children? They focused a lot on the daughter, but I think actually that son was a really significant character. He was the one who communicated, who had huge life struggles with his family on his own, without his father. I think he was silently extremely affected. I'd love to talk about him. 3. How creepy was that water-covered planet? One of the scariest things I've ever seen. Seriously! So, let's do it! @McDoogle, @handregrub, @Elie, and anyone else who saw it - I want to hear from you!
yeah..I was sad for cooper's you said he had huge life struggles with his family and he was the one to communicate with his father but in the end he did not have the chance to see his father a last time like his sister..and yeah i was not expecting something like this on the water-covered planet..huge tsunami!!
@handregrub wrote a great post-movie card about the relationships to humanity in Interstellar and a connection to Nathaniel Hawthorne! You can find it here: