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Your dictionary of tricks! Click link for definition. Otherwise, here is the list! # 180º (Body Varials) 180º (Powerslide, Coffin Carve) 180º (Powerslide, Front Side) 180º (Slide, One Foot, Back Side) 180º (Shovit) 360º (Backstep) 360º (Body Varial) 360º (Glove-Down, Heel Side) 360º (Luv It) 5 Hole A Aerial Kick Flip Apple Juice Apple Sauce Armpossible Around The World B Backside Drop Balaclava Ban Hammer Bean Dip Big Cheese Big Spin Bluntslide Bone Doctor Bone Flip Boneless 360 Boneless Backflip Briflip C Casanova Casper Combo Caveman Kick Chop The Wood Clock Coffin Carving Coleman Slide Coleman Slide with Cliff Coleman! Cross-Legged Lady Killer Cross-Legged Slide Shovit Cross-Step 180 Cross-Stepping Cross-Stepping between Regular and Switch Cross-Stepping (Reversed) Cross-Step Skip-Off Curb Hops Curb Hops – Kelly Style D D-Flip NEW!!! Demon Claw NEW!!! Double Rainbow Double Rainbow (Foot Under) Drain Dropping In Without A Tail E Early Grab Early Grab 180 F Fin Spin Flamingo Flat Top Plants Fluvit Fly Flip Foot Brake Fry Cook Full Cab G Ghost Ride 360 Shuvit Ghost Ride Heel Flip Giant Dubstep Giant Step Drag Kick G-Top G-Turn G-Turn Variations Guillotine Gumba Gypsy Flip H Half-Cab Hang 10 Nose Manual Hang 10 Shovit Hipster Honey Butter Hurricanrana I Indian Burn K Kaleidoscope Kick-Flip Kick-Flip (Old School) L Laser Flip Leaping Panda Ledge Hops Leotard Less Possible Lookback M Monkey Flip NEW!!! Mushroom Stamp N No Comply (180 Slide) No Comply (360) No Comply (Grab) No Comply (Shovit) Nose Manual Nose Manual (One Foot) O Ollie One Foot 180 Slide (Heel Side) One Foot Stalefish Grab Slide One Handed Impossible P Pegasus Pelican Pendy (Toe Side) Peter Pan Pickle Flip Pirouette Pivot Pivots & Shovits Pole Dance Pop Shovit Powerslide Shovit (Front Side) Pre-Active Pre-Drifter Pressure Flip Pressure Spin Pretzel R Raccoon Touch Robin Hood S Scrappy Shovit Shake & Bake Shanker Shenanigan Shovit (Front Side) Shovit (Back Side) Shovit Twist Flip Shutdown Slide Slap Shovit Slap Down Kick Flip Slap Down Ollie Slapspin Slide Bigspin Slide Help 1 Slide Help 2 Slide Shovits Smitty Speed Checks Speed Checks (Stalefish) Spin Big Spin Steps Stand Up Slides Swingspin Swish Swiss Twist T Tail Whip Tang Flip Tango Tiger Claw Tiger Claw 540 NEW!!! Tiger Crotch Tito Bitty Toe Side No-Tap 180 Toe Side Predrift Tre Flip Trenchfoot Turtle Twist Twisty Cone U Underfoot Shuvit NEW!!! V Varial Flip Viper W Walk The Plank Whirlwind WigglePly (Heel-Side, Shovit) WigglePly (Toe-Side) Wondersault Lost Tricks 360 Slide Backwards Peter Pan Criss-Cross Applesauce Flat-Top Ghost Ride Finger Flip Hippy Jumps Mantis Micro spin Monkey Flip No Comply 180 Pineapple Shell Shocked Shutdown Slides Switch Drift Trip Flip Pivot Walk The Shank 1 Foot Stalefish Grab Slide
LOL! Just clip it!
I just took way to many screenshots