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a little about me
My name is Jacob I'm 16 years old as of two days ago (Turkey day) I live in northern California and I love longboarding, welding, music, and hangin with friends. I've been skateboarding since I was 6 but just got into longboarding about a year ago. My favorite style is downhill and my favorite music is punk, reggae, and grunge. my currant board is a Santa Cruz drop down with rush bearings and 69mm secter9 wheels and I'm currently waiting for some blue calibur trucks. ya that's about it.
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nicee to meeeet youu! (:
3 years ago·Reply
nice to meet you and nice setup
3 years ago·Reply
thanks man right now I'm riding gull wings but I can't wait for the caliburs to come in
3 years ago·Reply
Welcome. Nice Santa Cruz
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