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Tough choices

So Christmas is coming up and I want a new board. I really love the Tesseract with the set up I have there. But my mom's boyfriend can get any Sector 9 or Arbor board for dirt cheep, and I also like the Backlash 40 with its setup, but I been looking at Beercan Boards for a long time now and love the finger holes and model, Oat Soda 42" DTP with the setup I have it, plus I can name it after my favorite hero, Batman.
Then I am getting the tessy, thanks @steezus @AndrewVollmar @Shulace @KLAIRELAURIE.
If you can get the tessy, get the tessy.
tessy tessy tessy tessy
Lots of options haha. If I were you I'd get the Tessy too tho
I agree with @steezus
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