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I wish Duster's California got more exposure. They make such beautiful boards, and I love the way they ride.
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Definitely! :)) they have pretty decks, and the Dusters Demo is a Barefoot longboard board with foam grip! I still have the deck and I threw out the wheels, trucks, and bearings xD I actually have a card of it when I had all my friends sign it the last day of school
Whaaat! I didn't know they made barefoot longboards! That's so awesome! @filirican
Pssh give her some leathers, a full face, and tell her to bomb a hill. THEN I'll be turned on.
Sounds like Amanda Powell! @steezus @filirican You're right tho. I'd toss everything except the deck and maybe the wheels. I'm actually blown away by the fact that Globe's Slants are made of magnesium, which are prone to corrosion from a number of materials. It's a very light metal, and it's strength depends upon its application. It's also a very dangerous metal in its pure form; highly flammable and reacts violently to water.
**its strength However, considering its abundance, and likely cheap production, I can see why Globe went for it.