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so I have been looking at other trucks checked out cali's but after some reading I think I'm leaning to ronins, anyone have them? and any input would be cool thanks
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I have many sets of Ronins, both Bs and Cs, love them. Just recently grabbed some Abec 11 Fyres, very impressed, ride is very much like the bRonins and at about $250, quite abit cheaper.
Have you guys tried the Cast Ronins? They're only $85. I was thinking about trying a set of Ronins, but $385 is out of my reach right now. Is cast just as good as the billets?
from what I have read cast ronins are strong and could even be considered better then precision due to it being steel
Wait for the new Paris to come out. I made friends with someone high in their totem pole, and he told me it's dropping very soon. Might be worth the wait!
Damn really I love paris trucks I'll wait a bit more then better paris would be awesome