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Most of you will need a rack like this some day, and if you're lucky; and hardworking enough, will have a Chubby Unicorn to show off at the very top.
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The reaso I asked if you own a skate shop is due to the fact that there are shoe boxes and a bunch of the same boards, I'm looking into owning a skate shop
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Was looking to swap advice haha
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If you have a specific concern or question, I can ask around for you. I have a friend who manages one of the best truck companies, and friends who are business grads who may know.
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@BradleyLazar I want to open up one in my home town but I have no idea what it would cost
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Normally, you have to call board companies/distributors to get much lower prices in bulk. It could be profitable, but some companies like Otang or Loaded won't just distribute to anyone.
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