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Have you ever wondered who discovered coffee? Yes, that's right, coffee hasn't always been widely available or used for consumption! The lovely writer at I Love Coffee put together this awesome infographic detailing the method by which coffee beans might have been discovered! This tale of dancing goats is certainly interesting, but... That's just probably not the full story! This story of the Ethiopian dancing goats is widely circulated, and definitely fun, but there just aren't enough facts to say if this was the earliest discovery of coffee or not. There are stories that more closely focus on the origin of the beverage itself, saying that some religion's mystics observed birds with higher vitality and then investigated their food sources. Others say an outcast, with now other food sources, attempted to find a way to turn coffee berries into something edible, and ultimately made a coffee-like beverage that gave him the vitality he needed to survive. Regardless of which story we should believe (we'll probably never know!), let's just be happy the the wonderful, caffeinating effects of coffee have been harnessed for us to taste and enjoy!
@danidee Me too! They seem like they really know how to conga
This was the myth I heard too. It definitely sounds plausible
No, seriously. The thought of hyper overfrolicking goats makes me so happy.
I want to party with those goats.