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this was my first Nicholas Sparks novel and remember crying at the end of it.. i re-read the end just to make sure..and though i don't really cry on seeing movies(i cry on reading..for days though)..but this movie gave me a lump in my throat.. do watch or read.. a sad ending.. but a really good movie..because even with a sad teaches alot about love!!
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@Allielee87 right ..the notebook..i liked the novel more than the movie!!
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@allielee87 yap it's on my list ever!! @neaa i read one book from him (sidney sheldon) 'tell me your dreams' is amazing!!!
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omg.."tell me your dreams " is my fav.. go for "nothing last forever" of his.. it's my personal fav!
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really! ok i'll look 4's a thick book too right?
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yup.. but quite interesting..about three friends..actually colleagues.. resident doctors.. don't wanna ruin it for you by telling more but it's pretty cool
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