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A Walk to Remember
this was my first Nicholas Sparks novel and remember crying at the end of it.. i re-read the end just to make sure..and though i don't really cry on seeing movies(i cry on reading..for days though)..but this movie gave me a lump in my throat.. do watch or read.. a sad ending.. but a really good movie..because even with a sad end..it teaches alot about love!!
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@allielee87 yap it's on my list fave.book ever!! @neaa i read one book from him (sidney sheldon) 'tell me your dreams' is amazing!!!
omg.."tell me your dreams " is my fav.. go for "nothing last forever" of his.. it's my personal fav!
yup.. but quite interesting..about three friends..actually colleagues.. resident doctors.. don't wanna ruin it for you by telling more but it's pretty cool