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So I saw @sanityscout introduction post and thought it was a really cool idea! (I also may steal it for the kpop community haha) So here goes: Hi I'm Courtney! I got started watching anime as an Elementary school kid coming home after school and watching Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and Tenchi Muyo before my mom made me do my homework haha. Sailor Moon was definitely my favorite for a while and that love spread to InuYasha. (I'm glad they brought back Toonami, but the old shows they played on Adult swim on Saturday nights were awesome. like Lupin the Third, Case Closed, Trigun, Death Note, Blood +, Wolf's Rain ~and I could go on~!) My current top 10 list would probably be (and not in exact order): 1. Naruto Shippuden 2. Attack on Titan (still waiting on season 2) 3. Samurai Champloo 4. Another 5. InuYasha 6. Durarara 7. Cowboy Bebop 8. I like Bleach but Idk if I'm patient enough to watch it all. I tried and then gave up when they were like "we're going to pause this story and tell a completely different one" lol 9. Black Lagoon 10. Avatar (if that counts) Well I hope more people will do this. I had fun :)
Naruto 100% for sure totally counts :) I'll try to do an introduction sometime, too~!
@nenegrint14 nice to meet you girl welcome to the anime community :)
@timeturnerjones haha thanks! yes you should! ! :)
I know, it's great! I'll have to check out everyone's other collections, too. I'm really into comics, as well. @MatK95 yum! Enjoy your dinner! Haha.
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