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Hi! So the Anime community started making introductions to get better acquainted with each other, and I thought it was a good idea because I probably talk to you all on a weekly basis. I hope that you all will also do one (because it's fun!) and tag others to do it as well. So here goes.
I'm Courtney I was introduced to Kpop through BOA, and re-introduced with Big Bang, but I was hooked by 2PM (I am in love with Hwang Chansung, and we will be married one day ) :)

My introduction story isn't very exciting. When you are an anime nerd you meet people who are into K-pop.
Confession Time:::
I actually haven't been into K-pop for very long. I think I heard my first K-pop song a LONG time ago when I was looking up BoA because of her song Every Heart on the InuYasha ending theme, but I was mostly only interested in her Japanese songs, so I didn't pay much attention to her (basically her whole career) Korean songs.
So some time in 2012 (I think) I met a lot of people excited about Big Bang and G-Dragon's solo album that would be coming out soon, so I thought I should eventually check it out. I think I listened to like one Big Bang song so I would know who G-Dragon was and thought it was cool but I still wasn't hooked. It did lead me to check out a k-drama which got me more interested in Korean ... life... (and pretty much changed mine) lol
So finally one day (maybe a few weeks later) a new friend from college took me to a Korean restaurant, and that night was like, here is 2PM, your new obsession... and I've been hooked ever since.
my top ten : 1. 2pm 2. 2ne1 3. Sistar 4. G.I (Global Icon ) 5. Got7 6. LC9 7. f(x) 8. BIG BANG 9. BTS 10. Winner

(All solo artists from these groups, like CL, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Hyorin, and Amber are included in this section)

A solo artist that i also really like is Navi (or can be Nabi) she has this really awesome soulful voice.
Here are some of my favorite songs (not in order by how much I like them)
1. Esna- Bite My Lower Lip
2. G.I.- Because of You
3. Tiara/ Davichi- We Were in Love
4. Spica- Painkiller
5. Gain- Fxxk U
6. After School RED- In the Night Sky
7. Winner- Empty
8. 2ne1- It Hurts
9. Exid- Every Night
10. Sistar 19- Gone, Not Around Any Longer
Wow I guess I like a lot of slower songs haha
Well here was my introduction. I could go all day talking about all the K-pop I like, but I don't think yall would want to see a 1000 page long post lol
( I also had to update my list as it was, for one, very boring and had no videos. and it was also outdated as my tastes have changed lol)
Thanks for reading.. again

What about you? ( I know several of you have already done one, but maybe some things need to be updated like my sad pitiful list lol. Also several new people have joined since i first created this about 7 months ago lol)

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@callmekaren haha yea they are awesome. nice to meet you! you should do an introduction too! :)
@honeysoo thank you for doing one!!
@jimberlykemp sorry I should have explained. I meant like this ^.^ if you want, it would be nice for you to do one
@uniangel18 this is one. you can post your favorite MV'S if you want. I only posted pictures
Wow ! ok this is really cool