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In the early morning.Mother waking her son up...
In the early morning.Mm tries to wake her son up MOM: -get up, time to go to school ! SON: -Why, mom? I don't want to go. MOM: -Tell me 2 reasons why you dont want to go to school. SON: -Well, first of all, the kids hate me, and secondly, the teachers hate me too! MOM: -What reasons are these not to go to school.Immediately get up and go. SON: -Ok but then you tell me 2 reasons why shud I go to school although everyone hates me. MOM: ...-Well, first of all,you are 52 years old, and secondly, you're the headmaster(principal)! LOL poor headmaster
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lol!!!! principal is always the one people dislike most of the time :(
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@soula81 yeh poor him :{
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