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Brian Dennison was shot at by a Jacksonville sheriff while rushing home to obtain his daughter’s asthma medication. Thankfully, Dennison and his daughter weren’t harmed in this situation. Officer Garcia spotted Dennison speeding through a parking lot to avoid a red light and attempted to pull Dennison’s car over for numerous traffic violations. Dennison continued driving and drove into an apartment complex and parked. Officer Garcia believed Dennison was armed and fired his weapon. Clearly, it is time to take a real look at police training. This reminds me of the case where an officer pulled over a man that pulled into a gas station with no seat belt. The officer asked for ID and shot the man while he reached in to grab it. It seems a lot of these shootings have to do with an overreaction from police leading to wrongful shootings.
I had a friend who ate a poisonous mushroom as a kid, and his father was speeding in a car to the hospital to save his life. A police officer pulled him over, the father got out in a panic, and the officer escorted him to the hospital. No shootings..
Man what is this world coming to