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The Dark Lord has come to our realm
Steezgeeks @EugeneAlcantar @filirican @DanielSpazJames @KLAIRELAURIE we need back up hahaha
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@LukasDeCavitch you're young so there is some leniency but nerd is the incorrect term.
3 years ago·Reply
As I've said before nerd is to academic as geek is to hobby.
3 years ago·Reply
Sorry that's just a pet peeve of mine it kills me when people use words incorrectly. Like kitty cat, you are saying baby cat cat. It's redundant and incorrect. And generally if someone calls themselves a nerd they are generally a wannabe no offense @LukasDeCavitch. Please use correct terms. Sorry I went on a rant...
3 years ago·Reply
It's fine
3 years ago·Reply
looks like a Madrid Zak Maytum
3 years ago·Reply