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Back in July I was in a wreck, that's my totaled truck. I didn't have full coverage only liability and there was no evidence to put either me or the other driver at fault so now I have no vehicle. I'm lucky that I wasn't hurt and I'm also lucky because I bought my board back in May before I quit my job so now I use my board almost everyday to get around. I even decided to longboard to the closest walmart to see how long it would take and it took like an hour and a half. I miss my truck everyday but me and my board now have a strong board.
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@BenKaplan yeah I was fine just really pissed especially when the cop wanted to give me a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt but than I cursed him out and I said if I wasn't wearing my seatbelt I would probably be dead is what the paramedic said
wow, some nerve he had! I feel like they fish for situations to assign ticketss
@BenKaplan he was just an idiot and a douchebag.
damn dude, glad you were safe and still able to ride. And hey, its better for the environment, and keeps you in shape haha
@MicahKnopp agreed