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By playing the flute for over ten years now, I have learned the dedication, commitment, passion, and drive that it takes to be a true musician. Instruments have such a great way of expressing an emotion. When I stumbled upon this group on YouTube, I was simply amazed. This piece really spoke out to me. Sure, it may not be related to movies directly; but the drama in their performance does not subside at all. I love how their playing conjures a unique, original, and enthusiastic style. I truly honor and respect the ThePianoGuys. Hopefully you will enjoy listening to them too!
that's sooo awesome :O
Thanks everyone, I absolutely love them! They are so talented technically and musically!
I absolutely love this!
Very cool that they're still going strong and branching out since the One Direction cover.
That's the kind of music I like to hear! Awesome find.