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This tutorial that I am sharing is to help those of you who want to partition their Windows hard drive. I used this TweakHound tutorial [1]. Essentially what you are doing is resizing your original partition in order to create a new one. STEP 1: Open Windows 8 Disk Management (Under Administrative Tools in Control Panel) STEP 2: After it opens, you might see an "Initialize Disk" window. If this happens, choose your partition style for your hard drive. * GPT if hard drive is 2TB or larger * MBR if it is smaller than 2 TB (skip if this screen doesn't appear) STEP 3: Locate hard drive you want to partition from drive map at the bottom, right click and select "Shrink Volume" (Pic 1) STEP 4: * Choose a size for your partition. Size is in MB and 1024 MB = 1GB. So if you want a 40 GB partition, for example, that would be 40960 MB. * Subtract this amount from the total size of the drive you are shrinking. For example, if the total is 171,702, you would calculate this as 171702 - 40960 = 130742 for a 40 GB partition. * Enter this amount where it says "Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB: " * Click Shrink. (Pic 2) STEP 5: Now you will see an unallocated space in the bottom map. Right click and select "New Simple Volume". It should take you the the New Simple Volume Wizard. (Pic 3) * Specify volume size. You can use all of it if you want or specify size. (Pic 4) * Assign a Drive letter (Pic 5) * Name your drive (Pic 6) * Click Finish (Pic 7) [1]
Or do you use something else?
Semi related question, when you set up an external drive do you format to FAT32 or ExFAT?
I haven't had to do this in a lonnnnng time, but its really helpful! thanks I need to do this again soon!
@hunahuna, I have always done FAT32...I honestly had no idea of the difference until I looked it up right now. What do you use?