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so my problem is I can't seem to slide when I'm standing. I can hand/ hands down slide all day but when I go to stand-up slide I either carve hard or 180. how do I initiate the slide without eating asphalt? any pointers would be appreciated
thanks Josh I'll try that out tomorrow if there's no snow
Lean back. A lot. It's better to fall on your ass rather than highside
ask @agek
yea makes sence haha thanks man
oh! I forgot the shimmy! tomorrow when you attempt this say shimmy when you try that slide. "shim" is back foot and "my" is front foot. say shimmy shimmy shimmy quick and move your feet with it. Don't forget your proper speed for the standie. you may want to be going a lil faster than a usual handie slide for the reason of wind resistance. When lower on the board you get less resistance that won't slow you down as much. same as when you open from a stance while going down hill to air brake, doing a standie, you'll have more air hitting your body to slow you down.
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