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Hi everyone, this is a guide on how to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 8. I am following the official documentation provided by Ubuntu [1] as well as other tutorials which I have linked to other cards. If any Ubuntu users have tips or STEP 1: Back up your data STEP 2: Make sure you have your Windows recovery CD/DVD available. Usually this comes with your computer when you purchase it. Sometimes they don't do this, instead leaving a partition on the hard drive where you can create a recovery disk. STEP 3: Make sure Windows is already installed. You must install Windows before Ubuntu for this to work.. STEP 4: Have a hard drive partition for Ubuntu STEP 5: Disable secureboot In order to disable secureboot, follow this tutorial: STEP 6: Download Ubuntu * Go to the Ubuntu Downloads ( and download the Ubuntu LiveCS image (.iso) * Burn the ISO to a DVD ( or to a USB stick ( STEP 6: Install Ubuntu * Once you have your DVD or USB ready, insert it to your computer and reboot your PC. If your computer does not boot from your CD drive or USB drive, then check your BIOS settings by pressing F2, F12, delete, or ESC. Select Boot from CD (or USB pen drive if you are using that method) * Proceed with installation. You will be asked how to partition your disk. If you already did it before, then select your partitioned drive, if not, go to Manual partition. For manual partition, check out these steps: Continue with installation where you will create your username and password. STEP 7: Restart computer and boot [1]