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Found this site today and it is exactly what a longboarder needs
Are you tired if your jeans ripping from the slightest fall? This is your answer! Bulletprufe Denim offeres a wide variety of designs and style, promising durability withought sacrificing the fit!
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oh I'm ok with my kaki pants made from buffalo skin Hahahahahaha sooooooooo Native Indian American
3 years ago·Reply
and kneepads as well as shoulder pads are made from armadillo Scales xD Helmet ahm :) traditional Indian headwear xD
3 years ago·Reply
what tribe are you? @AlainCasimiro
3 years ago·Reply
@WyattKnaus aww em sorry dude :) I don't belong to any clan. I just really admire native American Indians' customs,arts,traditions and stuff.
3 years ago·Reply