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New York photographer Zeren Badar is heavily influenced by Neo-Dada. In fact, his recent series, "Accident", is directly inspired by a quote from Neo-Dada painter Jasper John. The quote, "Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it.", may seem simple at first, but when lent for interpretation, has resulted in these magnificent collages. Badar takes cheap prints of classical paintings and covers them with colorful found objects, like candies, ketchup packets, and even canned sardines. With these unexpected juxtapositions, he updates the Duchampian readymade, reducing the value of the formal elements of classic art and presenting them in a new light.
@sherrysahar Mine is the one with the sardines because it's kind of gross but the fish are so shimmery!
these are so cute funny and artistic my favorite is the the cupcakes and the image is perfect yummy ketchup one and tomatoes one thanks 4 sharing it definitely love it :)
This idea is one I seriously love, mostly because I genuinely feel like A) I can do this and B) I have a semblance of understanding of what it means to me!