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Well I guess that's another reason I should get comfortable with switch
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Rememver, nose manuals count on switch days too
3 years ago·Reply
switch pisses me off because I used to be able to do switch heelside 180s and now I can't because of my new board aha.
3 years ago·Reply
@steezster what you ride now? I just started riding bigger boards and I'm relearning some flip tricks now
3 years ago·Reply
@albertdecastro I ride the arbor prodigy with caliber 44s and 75mm 78a these wheels
3 years ago·Reply
Yeah I ride a comet 38" and I'll I've really got now is kickflips and varials, I wanna get my fliptricks on point this winter so I can learn shove it crossfoots. They look so dope! And when I see ppl big spin to crossfoot I get real jealous
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