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CONGRATULATIONS! Our Vingle Longboarding Community Giveaway has concluded and our winners have been selected! First place prize: @filirican Congrats, you will be getting a Loaded Tan Tien Complete! Second place prize: @mpoblete Woo! You are getting a Jet 2014 Raygun Complete! Third Prize: @EugeneAlcantar You will be getting a 180mm Paris V2 50° Trucks (set of 2), congrats! Fourth Prize: @AlainCasimiro You get the 65mm Blood Orange Liam Morgan (82a), have fun thrownin' down thane! Fifth Prize: @ApolloSkating Nice! You'll be getting the 60mm ABEC 11 NOSkoolZ (78a)! If you won a prize, please message me so we can set up how the prize will be delivered to you! We may be doing more giveaways in the future and possibly community clothing!! Thanks for everyone for participating!
wow was not expecting to win, but hell yea!
I'm proud of everyone who has helped make this community an awesome environment! I've learned so much from you guys and I've thoroughly enjoyed helping out others here and there :D Always remember to keep this Community a fun and respectful environment. There is much more in store from the progression of our family's success to contests to new folks who join our public humble abode c: Thank you so much bros! @mikerosa92 @steezus @BenKaplan and I Steez Geeks for LIFE @AlainCasimiro @EugeneAlcantar @DanielSpazJames @KLAIRELAURIE I LOVE YOU VINGLE LONGBOARD FAMILIA!!!
Holy crap. Thank you so much @MikeRosa92 @BenKaplan @Steezus !!! I'm incredibly grateful, and feeling so freakin' lucky right now!
Congrats guys! It took us awhile to come up with the winners, you're all so goddamn awesome! There were some hard choices. We expect some pics and vids guys!
thank you guys I owe you for winning because without your likes comments and clipping w/ mah cards I won't get any vpoints so this prize is not only my earn but everyone else who contributed to my Vstats points I love you guys. steezygeeks @filirican @EugeneAlcantar @DanielSpazJames @KLAIRELAURIE bigsiss @mpoblete skullbestee @pangzoo10 to the guys who made the giveaway possible @mikerosa92 @steezus @benkaplan thanks guys and everyone else you know who you are guys. xD can't mention each and everyone :) that's it ThankYou
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