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These owls are perfect for younger children, although I did this with my 6th graders one year, and they loved it, too. Start saving those toilet paper cardboard rolls. I spray painted them, using leftover paint, so I had green and pale yellow. This year I bought a can of silver paint, and they looked very cute. All the kids need are Sharpies! Cut them in different sizes and put a display of three or four on a mantel. The youngest kids might be able to make these using crayons, or closely supervised with those permanent markers:)
Wonderful idea!! Love stuff like this to do with kids! Mine are grown now but with my first grand baby on the way l still look for things like this to do!!;)
This is a great craft idea, @Spudsomma! Now that it's getting colder...I'm trying to store up ideas for inside projects. It's great that they can double as decorations!
Thank you!
sorry, *in
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