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What do you guys think?
There's a lot of Original hate out there, I've heard different reasons why, but is this board worth the money? Which concave would you prefer?
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That's good @MackenzieAshley
3 years ago·Reply
my brother and I were just looking at this deck, looks amazing!
3 years ago·Reply
They're a solid company if you dig their decks they are worth it. I got a buddy with a ton of Original decks they're nice, I wish I could dig some of their concaves but simply its not for me.
3 years ago·Reply
I've gotten sveral boards from them half the time with missing part and an extreme lack of grip tape when I order it, the diamond drop will crack and is not worth the 400 you pay, but I will sY for the past two years my pride and joy has Been the apex 37 dc and she has never failed me their customer service might be slacking but the boards that are made to par will never fail you
3 years ago·Reply
I've got the apex 37 also love it really good to work with
3 years ago·Reply