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Book or Magazine Christmas Trees
There are several videos that show how to make these trees, but this one is very thorough, especially when describing the various adhesives or paints you can use. I head to the library's used bookstore and buy paperbacks for 25 cents. Children's books are great for this, because they're usually about 150-200 pages.This is another project best done either while watching a great Christmas movie, or with a group of friends. Spiked hot cocoa is optional, but makes the folding a lot less tedious!
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What a fun way to recycle books! I'd have to really talk myself into cutting up a book but the final product looks worth it!
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This is awesome--I'm also not usually one to cut up old books, but I think this is a really fun way to recycle, and make some cool decorations!
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Most of the books I use already were missing pages, so I didn't feel so bad:)
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@Spudsomma Great idea~~ I'll look for those I know are at the end of their days :)
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@hikaymm, or use books you really wished you hand't bought:> I have a bracelet made of beads rolled from old book pages. They used Danielle Steele books!
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