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Yes, it's that time of year. Even though we've opted out of many catalogs, they still seem to add up. Around Christmas, it seems we get 4 or 5 in our mailbox every day! This project would take care of those in a creative way. Cutting the catalogs into strips seems to be the hardest part. If you take care of that part, this would be a great craft for kids. Let them hang them in their rooms for year round decorations
@Nessadoodles, I wonder if the fabric would stand up, or just flop over on itself? It's certainly worth a try if you have some! Now you made me wonder if they still make those wallpaper sample books:)
This DIY came at just the right time for me - I'm inundated with catalogs but haven't gotten rid of them yet. Perfect!
could be done with fabric sample books too...?