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This is for those that are new in the world of longboarding, after the basics: riding, stopping, acceleration, and stride. It's good to get better at turning so you can stay safe and avoid obstacles, vehicles, and other riders so I've made some exercises to practice turning. Flat tops are the best place to practice and empty parking lots are perfect for these exercises. Remember to stay safe and wear safety gear, helmets are a must and elbow & knee pads are good too. The Exercises!!! 1. Riding around islands in parking lots or any set obstacles. Just as before mentioned ride around the islands or obstacles progressively riding faster and tighter around the islands until you think you got it down. (Practice both heelside and toeside turns) 2. Ride in as tight a circle as you can. Same as the last exercise progressively ride tighter and faster. (Again practice both heelside and toeside turns). 3. Play chicken. I'm sure you all know how to play chicken. Just ride straight at a friend and safely turn away from them at the latest moment possible. For safety call out a direction for both participants to go. Again progressively go faster as you practice this but this is the hardest and gets significantly harder at higher speeds be safe and play within your limits. (Practice both heelside and toeside turns). This concludes a teaching session with The Reckless Spaz.