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Hello everyone! It's time to announce the winner of the November Giveaway! First, I want to thank you all for joining our community and having fun together. It's been great to have new cards and new comments to look at everyday, and I hope we can keep growing and teaching each other about all kinds of fishing. If I could give a reel to every single one of you, I would!! The goal of this giveaway was to get some activity in the community, and I think we really managed that well thanks to you guys. @mcgraffy and I chose the winner randomly (using a random number generator) from the top 20 members! So, without further ado....the winner of the reel is.... @JustinRussell ! Justin, congratulations! Please message me so we can talk about which reel you would like among the options and the details of getting it to you. Again, congratulations! I hope you enjoy it. We have also decided to give a small runner up prize, also picked from a random generator, and the winner is @KawikaAfelin! We'd like to give you a small batch of lures or line, so please message me and we can work out the specifics. Again, thanks everyone! I don't think I'll be able to run a giveaway this month, but I hope to plan more in the future, so if you have any ideas of what we should do as a community please message me! I'm looking to add more community staff too, so if you're interested, please say hello! Let's keep up with the fish talk together! Tight lines, everyone!
Thats really cool guys thanks, especially since I just bent the guard on mine just today!
congrats @justinrussell tight lines
@kawikaadelin good job alao
@dougjohnson not going anywhere I like it here
@JustinRussell Ouch, glad this worked out then!! @CaseyJohnson stick around, hopefully we can get you next time!!!
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