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Unfortunately, I missed the VP Debate tonight. I returned home to find out the impression that most people had from this one and only debate between the VP and the VP hopeful. I have to say, I'm a little surprised that it was dead even. The results show Paul Ryan ahead by four percentage points, but this is within the margin of error so we'll call it a tie.
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That's interesting because I've heard it was the other way around. Maybe it was the outbursts (malarkey)?
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Yeah, it very well could be. CNN does a better job than most other major networks to stay fair, so when I haven't witnessed the event myself to form my own opinion, it's generally safe to bank on CNN's opinion/poll.
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it makes sense. Definitely wouldn't look to Fox news, so I mean, there will definitely be varying opinions, but likely that poll is from older people who actually watch/use CNN.
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Yeah, true. Fox News cheats and lies like no other. It's a shame, but it really does pander to a group that wants its own opinions parroted back to them. From that viewpoint, it's not a bad business model.
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