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Hope You Guys Had A Great "Thane"sgiving!

I know Thanksgiving is over but now it's back to school/ work for a lot of you :/ I hope you all got to spend time with family and get a Crap load of seshes in! I'm about 30 minutes away from home after a long journey FROM Virginia. A lot of great surprises for me and my pals @AlainCasimiro @EugeneAlcantar @mpoblete and @ApolloSkating tonight :D I'm eternally thankful to our epic moderators for providing these gifts and hard work for all of us! I hope every has a great week and a joyfully anticipated road to Christmas/ Joyful road for shredding! Ride safe and have fun!
We missed you man!
Thanks @filirican! Congrats to you too! I think Alain is still asleep lmao. He's 13 hours ahead of East Coast time.
Hey @filirican I'm glad we are friends and I'm glad we have this community because without it we wouldn't have met and become Steezgeeks with @DanielSpazJames and @AlainCasimiro
Steezgeeks for eternal weeks! :D @EugeneAlcantar @DanielSpazJames @AlainCasimiro
@mpoblete I'm still busy working on my government legal papers and benefits lol what's happening?
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