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Is it just me?

Is it just me or does today seem more like a sentimental day than any other day this year like even on thanksgiving it didn't feel like we were all being that sentimental but today just seems like we are and to be frank I love it especially with great friends like @AlainCasimiro, @filirican, @DanielSpazJames, @KLAIRELAURIE, @pangzoo10, @steezus, @BenKaplan and so many others I'm glad we all met and I'm glad we are all great friends. I'm sorry if I forgot to tag some people
this is literally the sweetest thing! im so happy to have met all of you guys! every day all of u make me smile! ahh idk what id do without this community! u guys rock! (: you guys are like family!(: love u guys
It really feels like we've all been acquainted for like a year lolol
Well @DanielSpazJames I'm glad it's not just me but to @pangzoo10 it really does feel like that. @BenKaplan no problem bro. @KLAIRELAURIE we love you too. I mean how could we not you're a wheel whore just like most of us. @OracioDiaz Its amazing how so many people can bond over one simply pass time
we should have a community wide meet somewhere haha that would be great
I wish we could all chill. We have so much to learn from each other.
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