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No matter where we go, or how careful we are on our boards, we all come across people who want to start an argument or be a complete jerk to us. One time, I was riding in the bicycle lane like every skateboarder does in NYC. I stopped at the light since it was red and cars were passing. I had my left foot on in the front of my board and my right foot on the ground ready to push when the light turned green. A middle aged man was crossing the street with his shopping cart then he ramped in shopping cart into the back of my board and proceeded to yell at me why the F was I in the middle of the street and to move my board. The ramped curb was a good 5 feet ahead of me also. I got into an argument with him that he should've went around like everyone else, but he insisted that I was the one wrong because I was an "irresponsible teenager". What's some of your experiences dealing with people?
I was riding dont a not so busy street in a lil country town in Missouri and a giant truck full of douche bag teenages were behind me quite far away and they started honking and then they started going faster and towards me and they got so close to me, the practicality ran me off the road i flew on to the side walk next to the road and my board went flying in the street and the car stopped and they went in reverse to like try and run over my board but this guy came out and started yell at them and he saved my boards life.... i hugged him ANYWAY MORAL OF THE STORY IS U CANT TRUST THE SYSTEM
Ah FUCK were posting these in comments. I just made a damn card. Whatever.
I know the feeling. I'm 360lb but I never listen to and it helps that I have headphones on.
@KLAIRELAURIE holy shit that's fucked up
Damn @KLAIRELAURIE if I was with you I would have told them to fuck off! And thank the world for great people like that guy.
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