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No matter where we go, or how careful we are on our boards, we all come across people who want to start an argument or be a complete jerk to us. One time, I was riding in the bicycle lane like every skateboarder does in NYC. I stopped at the light since it was red and cars were passing. I had my left foot on in the front of my board and my right foot on the ground ready to push when the light turned green. A middle aged man was crossing the street with his shopping cart then he ramped in shopping cart into the back of my board and proceeded to yell at me why the F was I in the middle of the street and to move my board. The ramped curb was a good 5 feet ahead of me also. I got into an argument with him that he should've went around like everyone else, but he insisted that I was the one wrong because I was an "irresponsible teenager". What's some of your experiences dealing with people?
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I know the feeling. I'm 360lb but I never listen to and it helps that I have headphones on.
yea people in my town are asssssholees, it was so scary!!
Ive had a few cops run me off the road. Ive had a few normal cars do the same. I had a fire truck do the same. Ive had short boarders and one biker try to fight me. (They backed away once I walked towards them Lol) Ive had a few drunk/high people downtown start shit. Had people in cars throw drinks and garbage at me a few times. I think my scariest/most rewarding one was I was out in the country side on a little hill trying to bomb [goin about 30mph] and this car decided to come into my lane and honk at me. Then he provided the pleasure of turning around and doing it a few more time to my friends n I. Then one of my friends went to his car at the bottom and found some nice heavy shit to throw at the guy fuckin with us. It was pretty sweet seeing a shitty little ricer get messed up and drive away like normal.
@SteveLee772 well then .-.
I've had multiple cars knock me off my board and drive off