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So as the title says most of our friends can't take good pictures... No offense to my friends or anyone's friends. This pic was taken by my friend the other day and it's blurry cause I had to crop it quite a bit. And I thank him for taking pics and videos they're good but yeah they're not the best. I really wish I could take my own picture but setting up a camera on a tripod and timing it just right is extremely hard, tedious, and tiring. Ugh. Longboarder problems... But I guess I'm also picky about it cause I'm an aspiring photographer too.
@DanielSpazJames you only carry camera if you record and I suggest butt boarding when doing that, it's more stable. But "still" photography you usually shoot not riding
Haha man I know your feel. I'd love to have a better camera and take some awesome photos for you. I'd also love to get amazing at photography
@EugeneAlcantar if I say so myself I'm not horrible at photography and I really like it but I'm learning to slide so I'm not gonna be carrying my camera.
Same thing for filming dude.
What I do is either just use my iPhone, and that's okay and I just record then go back through the video an screenshot what I like, or I use my GoPro and record and put it in my friends editing software and do the same thing