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This is the easiest and the basis for other braiding styles. Mastering the basic 3-strand braid will enable you to experiment more easily with other styles of braiding. Method: Begin by gathering all your hair behind you and dividing this in three sections equally. As much as possible, make the sections tangle free and smooth by having a brush near you to brush the strands out if needed. Start braiding your hair by crossing the leftmost section on top of the section in the center, and crossing the section in the middle with the rightmost section. Alternate taking the sections outside and crossing these over the section in the middle until you reach the ends of your hair. Around your braid’s end, wrap a ponytail holder to secure this. Since the end of your braid will not be as thick as a ponytail, small ponytail holders work best. If you're a visual learner, please refer to the video to learn how to basic braid.
Thanks for the visual guide - I don't know why I find this braid so tricky!
I usually braid my hair before sleeping to keep it together throughout the night. A low ponytail always end up crimping my hair, so I love this!