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I can't really explain why I like Star Wars as much as I do, it's just one of those things that go along with growing up in the 1980s, that and my love of Legos. Youtube user snooperdog here has taken it upon himself to create an awesome mash up of the two in just a few short days of the official trailer being released. (article with an interview here: http://recode.net/2014/11/30/devoted-youtube-filmmaker-recreates-star-wars-trailer-in-lego-bricks/) I'm amazed by the ingenuity, creativity, and drive of some artists that help bring smiles to my and many other faces. I cut the two videos and put them together for a side-by side comparison to save everyone some time. Couldn't quite get them perfectly aligned, but you still get the idea. I'm very excited for the new Star Wars movies... so excited, I'm even willing to watch Episodes 1-3 again to give them another chance in the greater scheme of things... am I a fool for doing it (maybe)? Should I just stick to episodes 4-6 and call it a day? Either way, I've got plenty of time to kill until December 2015.
I would say go for it and rewatch them @handregrup !! Yeah, it's probably be safe to just do 4-6, but why not do them all?!
P.S. I kind of feel like you have to watch every movie again, since we have all year to do it. Also maybe make as many possible LEGO Star Wars sets as possible. Now I want to start a "Year of LEGO Star Wars" collection! Oh man.. .that can get expensive...
Thank you for putting them together! That was so awesome. LEGO artist just will never cease to amaze me! My favorite part was the opening of the light saber - haha so cool!